After a year of preparation, and an 18 hour flight we (Cameras4Change) have finally arrived to teach camera skills, document and learn from our two groups of Kenyan children.  We are spending our first week with Heshima Kenya, an incredible organization that protect, nurture, educate, empower and provide a foundation for economic independence.  The children that they serve have survived horrible tragedies and have travelled great distances – Somalia, Ethiopia, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and Sudan.  At Heshima Kenya they have the opportunity to simply be adolescents and young mothers – finding their voices and learning to believe again in their human rights as human beings.

We are onto day 2 with the children.  We are working with 6 girls and one boy!   I can’t express in words how excited these kids are. Some are shy, but for the most part they are just thrilled to be working with us. Keep in mind that ALL of them have never even taken a photo before, some have never seen a camera.  I saw one of the girls  yesterday hugging her camera, some have never seen a picture of themselves! Wow.

Through this process our director of photography is documenting/filming. We are being careful what we capture as there are delicate areas, we must be respectful of the girls and their hardships.

More updates to come, but my wifi is hit and miss.


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