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WETA PICHU (Our Picture)

We  have launched our crowdfunding campaign for our documentary film Weta Pichu. Please support if you can!

Click here to view the campaign.


We are flying high this year!
We are flying high this year!

From Cameras4Change Blog Post, April 2, 2013

Community happens where ever we are on many different levels, from family and loved ones, to friends through school, online, and probably many more places.  We at Cameras 4 Change celebrate community in all of it’s forms.  We continually make new friends and add to our community, and often photography is a part of making, creating and celebrating community.  As we come together for different reasons, graduation, birthdays, weddings, reunions, we may take for granted the ease at which we can utilize cameras, phones, photography and imagery to architect our own stories, and give us a well seated place in our own history.  Just think to the many times you were able to look at family photo albums, knowing and understanding your past in a deeper way.  This ultimately gives a firm footing of self and how you move forward in the world.

One of the greatest parts of the C4C workshops is giving those that don’t have this opportunity the chance to use cameras, take the pictures that they want and keep those memories activated.  The joy alone that we saw on the girls faces as they handled the photos that they created is worth it for us!  In fact our team witnessed the moving evolution of the emotional reaction to being able to take photos and keep them.  It swiftly begins to build in a level of self that is quite profound.  We saw some girls transform from quiet, disengaged participants, to joyous, excited participants.  The level of engagement was palpable and really validated the power of photography, creativity and expression, and magnified what we were able to do with the children.



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