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“….. is both perversely funny and engaging as the voluble Dave (a wonderful Brad Dryborough) and the repressed Carol seek the path to a happier life….While Arabella Bushnell is mesmerizing as Carol, it’s director Kris Elgstrand’s original script (along with some wryly amusing songs) that’s sublime in the simple truth it offers: although we all hurt inside, expressing that pain and reaching out to others can be a balm for the soul.” The Toronto Star, Bruce DeMara, April 30, 2015

Songs She Wrote About People She Knows received the Grand Jury Prize, “for its quirky plot, high production values, and unique yet relatable characters, the New Directors Jury awarded its Grand Jury Prize to Songs She Wrote About People She Knows. Lead actress Arabella Bushnell delivers a particularly strong performance as an aspiring pop singer, complete with highly original and hilarious songs. Writer/director Kris Elgstrand is a strong new voice in independent cinema and we are excited to see what he comes up with next.”  Nashville Film Festival 2015, New Directors Jury

“The moments are powerful because they’re uncomfortably intimate: staring down the barrel of the camera while recording a song…These moments helped make the hilarious Kris Elgstrand-directed feature film a critical darling of the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival.” Westender, Sabrina Furminger, April 22, 2015

“The writing and performances are pitch-perfect and it looks great.”  Georgia Straight, Melora Koepke

 “a laugh-out-loud uniquely quirky meta-comedy”  Culture Map, Dallas

“Extremely amusing and with a very dry, humorous streak in it, Songs She Wrote About People She Knows is a visually striking and, at times, truly hypnotic first feature from Canadian director and screenwriter Kris Elgstrand.”                          Cinequest Film Festival, Liva Petersone

“Nobody in this movie reacts as they do on planet Earth, but that’s part of its charm.” Toronto Sun, Jim Slotek

 “This exclusive trailer gives a quirky and fun sneak peek into the musical world of director Kris Elgstrand’s film.” Indiewire, Zainab Akande,

“Bushnell and Dryborough make for a wonderful comedic odd couple, delivering what finally amounts to a heartfelt search for self-improvement.” Dork Shelf, Andrew Parker

 “gobsmackingly good” and “strangely beautiful” NOW Toronto, Susan G. Cole

 TIFF 2014: Three Canadian Directors  The, Eric Veillette,




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